Summer School on Autonomous Navigation of Hexapod Crawling Robots

7.8.-9.8.2017, Computational Robotics Laboratory, FEE, Karlovo náměstí, Room No. KN:E-328

A short intensive course on navigation of multi-legged crawling robots will be taken by Dominik Belter from the Mobile and Walking Robots Team, Institute of Control and Information Engineering, Poznan University of Technology, a visiting researcher of the Computational Robotics Laboratory (ComRob) a research team of the Artificial Intelligence  Cencomrob-hexapod-course-smallter (AIC) at the Dept. of Computer Science, FEE, CTU in Prague. The program of the course will be adjusted according to the participants, but it will cover four main topics related to the navigation of crawling robots with the expected agenda:

  • 7.8. (Mo) – Motion planning for legged robots
  • 8.8. (Tu, morning – Efficient reactive behaviour for six-legged robots with proprioceptive sensing for traversing rough terrain
  • 8.8. (Tu, afternoon) – Importance of uncertainty in graph-based SLAM
  • 9.8. (We) – RGB-D terrain perception and dense mapping with multi-legged robots

The course starts on Monday (7.8.2017) at 10:00 with an introductory lecture on the topic followed by a discussion or practitioning on the topic in the Computational Robotics Laboratory.