The Computational Robotics Laboratory (ComRob) aims to perform fundamental and applied research at the intersections of the artificial intelligence and autonomous robotic systems. In ComRob, we are seeking for unique solutions to address real world challenges to improve quality of life and to understand principles emerging in nature.

The  focus is on computational approaches and methodologies applied to address challenging problems arising from robotic information gathering. Beside traditional computational approaches based on state-space search techniques and combinatorial optimization, we also work on approaches originated in nature-inspired algorithms. Approaches that can be applied to address complex real-world problems that are not well-posed mathematically.  These include computational intelligence and soft-computing techniques such as artificial neural networks, swarm intelligence, evolutionary computation, or reaction diffusion processes.

We work on designing new scalable algorithms and computational models enabling application and improving capabilities of collective robotic systems to operate in dynamic, unstructured environments with imperfect sensing and perception.